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Lawn Mowing

We take a lot of pride in the lawns we mow and always offer our best in quality and service. Every step is taken, from freshly sharpened blades, to changing our mowing pattern in the lawn weekly, to make your lawn look its best. After all, the appearance of your lawn is a reflection of us and our service.

Every lawn mowing includes the following: Complete mowing of the property, string trimming around all edging, trees, posts, etc. with a string trimmer and removal of freshly cut grass from all paved and non-desirable areas with a power blower.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Keep your lawn healthy and green with our seasonal fertilizer and weed control applications. For optimal health and appearance, we recommend 4 granular fertilizing applications. The first application is both a fertilizer and crabgrass preventer/pre-emergent. It will be in the Spring once soil temps are ready. This is the most important to strengthen the roots and get your yard off to a fresh start. We do this application before the days get too hot and the heavy growing starts and to make sure we get it down before crabgrass germinates.

Mid to late summer, two more applications will be done to keep the grass growing strong. These applications help protect against insects, foot traffic, high heat and whatever other seasonal hurdles mother nature decides to throw at us. Finally, the fall application will be done to prep your lawn for the great Minnesota winter. The fall application strengthens roots and nitrogen storage that preps your yard for a green grown the next spring.

We recommend 2-3 weed treatments depending on the condition of the yard. These treatments kill a wide variety of unwanted weeds with a list that is a full page long! If you would like a list, I can certainly send you one. The first weed treatment is done early summer and the second treatment is done mid-summer or so. If a third treatment is needed, it will be done later in the summer.

Spring & Fall Clean Ups

One thing is for certain in Minnesota the leaves always fall! We offer full service clean ups including removal and disposal of all your undesirable lawn refuse. At the time of clean ups, we often encourage our customers to sign up for shrub pruning and perennial bed clearing as it is a good time to prune and clear out beds. Every property is unique in its requirements for spring and fall clean ups and we will come up with a program that best suits your specific needs.


Dethatching is the process of removing thatch build up from the base of the lawn in order to allow moisture, sunlight and fertilizers to better reach the soil. Thatch build up is dead, un-decomposed grass stems and roots accompanied by other small debris "trapped" above the soil base creating a barrier that reduces the absorption rate these necessary nutrients. It can also harbor insects and encourage disease.

While thatch build up is a natural process for lawns, excessive build up is a very common problem and can easily be diagnosed. Simply use your fingers to move apart your lawn and see how much dead grass has collected before you reach the soil. If you can see a buildup of dead grass and barely see the dirt your lawn needs to be dethatched.

We use mower mounted tine rake dethatcher (most common): We mount a dethatcher on the front our lawn mower and the dethatcher tines pick and pull out thatch. Simultaneously, the mower "vacuums" up the debris into its bagger. Because the mower blades are engaged, an added bonus of this method is that the lawn also gets cut and bagged. This method of dethatching is less expensive than the rotary operated method and we recommend doing it on an annual basis every spring, especially to thicker lawns. The rotary option is also more invasive which is why we don't recommend this option.


Having your lawn aerated is the best natural way to improve the overall health of your lawn. Core aeration removes small cores or "plugs" from the lawn, which break back down into the turf after a week or so. These plugs encourage microbial decomposition of undisturbed thatch to help accelerate thatch breakdown. These plugs help revive compacted soil and completely puncture thatch build up in concentrated areas.

Aeration allows water, oxygen, sunlight and fertilizer to penetrate the turf and reach the root system while improving health and encouraging growth and expansion. Aeration can be done any time the lawn is soft and in an active growing state (mainly late spring or early fall) and we recommended aerating on an annual basis to consistently encourage a healthy lawn.


Over time, heat, wear and tear and other seasonal issues can cause your lawn to look warn and thin. Over-seeding is done to fill in thinning areas or replace grass that isn't healthy. It can improve the density of your lawn and give it a much better color. Over-seeding can also help crowd out weeds with fresh green grass, especially when used with our fertilizing and weed control services. This can be done in the Fall or Spring.

Spring Irrigation-Start-up and Winterization

If your property has an inground irrigation system, it must be started up in the Spring and Winterized in the Fall. During the startup we make sure there hasn't been any damage to heads or lines, over the Winter. We also make sure the heads are aimed properly so you are only watering the areas you want to and not watering unwanted areas such as the driveway or road. During Winterization, we blow the water out of the system to prevent freezing and damage to the system. To perform the Spring startup and/or Winterizing, we will need access to your irrigation shut-off valve and your irrigation system control panel.

Shrub Trimming

Hedges can get out of control fast! We will come in and shape them up exactly how you want them. A perfectly manicured hedge can be a great accent to complement your entire yard. We also clean up and haul away all trimmings.


Transform your outdoor space with the help of our experienced team. From elegant patios to beautiful landscaping beds and more, we offer a vast array of services to give you the look you desire.

We provide complimentary estimates and assist you in turning your dream into a reality. Our services include decorative rock & mulch, planting of trees, shrubs and perennials, construction of retaining walls and patios, and installation of water features such as ponds, waterfalls, and fountains.

  • Decorative Rock & Mulch
  • Planting Trees, Shrubs and Perennials
  • Retaining Walls & Patios
  • Water Features: Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains

Mosquito & Tick Control

We partner with Mosquito Shield, a leading company in this field, to offer you the most reliable service possible. Also by being a David's Lawn Service customer, they will give you a discounted rate! Here is some info from them:

Mosquito Shield is a residential mosquito and tick control service and that’s all we do! For our mosquito control, we come out every 10-17 days from mid-May to the middle/end of September. Our treatments feature our proprietary blend of natural ingredients with a small amount of control material that deliver consistent, reliable results, all season long.

It typically takes about 15 minutes to dry and you can all go back outside and enjoy your yard. Pre-Service notifications are through email/text, and Post service notifications are emailed. We also leave a physical notification sign behind, after each treatment. For more information you can check out their website at: Moshield.

Snow Removal

When it comes to residential and commercial snow removal services, we've got you covered. In Minnesota, snow can pile up and you need to be sure that you have a reliable company. We provide various services and plans that fit whatever snow-related needs you have. From one-time payments to monthly subscriptions, to shoveling options for pathways/sidewalks, we have something that fits every situation.

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