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Spring Irrigation Start-up and Winterization

Professional Spring Irrigation Services in Minnesota

If your property has an inground irrigation system, it's essential to have it started up in the Spring and winterized in the Fall. During the startup process, we ensure there hasn't been any damage to heads or lines over the Winter. We also verify that the heads are aimed properly so that you are only watering the areas you want to and not wasting water on unwanted areas such as the driveway or road.

Spring Startup Process

  • Inspection: We inspect your irrigation system for any damage to heads or lines.
  • Adjustment: We ensure that the heads are properly aimed to avoid watering unwanted areas.
  • Testing: We test the system to ensure it is functioning correctly and watering efficiently.

Winterization Process

During Winterization, we blow the water out of the system to prevent freezing and damage to the system. This process involves:

  • Shutdown: We shut off the water supply to the irrigation system.
  • Blowout: We use compressed air to blow any remaining water out of the system.
  • Protection: Winterization protects your irrigation system from freezing temperatures and costly repairs.

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