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Over-seeding Services

Professional Over-seeding Services in Minnesota

Over time, factors like heat, wear and tear, and seasonal issues can cause your lawn to appear worn and thin. Over-seeding is a solution to fill in thinning areas or replace unhealthy grass, improving the density and color of your lawn. Additionally, over-seeding can help crowd out weeds with fresh green grass, especially when combined with fertilizing and weed control services.

Benefits of Over-seeding

  • Improved Lawn Density: Over-seeding enhances the thickness and lushness of your lawn.
  • Enhanced Lawn Color: Fresh grass from over-seeding contributes to a vibrant and healthy lawn appearance.
  • Weed Control: Over-seeding can help suppress weed growth by promoting the growth of desirable grass.
  • Lawn Health: Over-seeding revitalizes tired lawns, promoting overall health and vigor.

When to Over-seed

Over-seeding can be performed in either the fall or spring seasons, when weather conditions are conducive to grass growth and establishment.

Service Areas

David's Lawn Service proudly serves various communities throughout Minnesota, including Corcoran, Maple Grove, Plymouth, and more. Our team is ready to provide exceptional fertilizing and weed control services.

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