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Professional Dethatching Services in Corcoran, Minnesota

Dethatching is essential for maintaining a healthy lawn by removing built-up thatch, allowing moisture, sunlight, and fertilizers to better reach the soil. Thatch build-up, consisting of dead grass stems, roots, and other debris, forms a barrier above the soil that hinders nutrient absorption and can harbor insects and diseases.

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Signs Your Lawn Needs Dethatching

To determine if your lawn needs dethatching, simply use your fingers to separate the grass blades and observe the amount of dead grass accumulated above the soil. If there's a noticeable buildup of thatch and the soil is barely visible, it's time for dethatching.

Our Dethatching Process

We use a mower-mounted tine rake dethatcher, which is highly effective in removing thatch. The dethatcher tines pick and pull out thatch while the mower simultaneously collects the debris into its bagger. Additionally, the engaged mower blades cut and bag the lawn, providing a comprehensive service. We recommend dethatching annually in the spring, especially for thicker lawns, as it promotes healthy growth and prevents thatch buildup.

Why Choose Us for Dethatching?

  • Professional Equipment: Our mower-mounted tine rake dethatcher ensures thorough removal of thatch.
  • Expertise: With years of experience, our team delivers efficient and effective dethatching services.
  • Comprehensive Service: Our dethatching process also includes lawn cutting and bagging, providing added convenience.
  • Annual Maintenance: Regular dethatching in the spring promotes healthy lawn growth and prevents thatch buildup.

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